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  • Understanding DUI in Maryland

    Maryland law enforcement officers take a very strict approach to driving under the influence (DUI), as does Maryland law. The potential penalties involved with a DUI conviction can affect your life for years to come. It’s advisable to get in touch with a DUI attorney as soon as possible after being arrested for this offense. A DUI attorney in Baltimore can safeguard your legal rights during interviews with the police officers, and he or she can provide legal representation during your hearing.

    DUI Laws

    Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is a critical factor in determining whether or not you will face a DUI charge. As your DUI attorney can explain to you, you can be charged with DUI if you’re found to have a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. In some states, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is considered to be a more serious offense than DUI. In Maryland, the reverse is true. You can be charged with a DWI offense for having a BAC between 0.04 and 0.08 percent. However, if you’re under the age of 21, you can be charged for having a BAC of 0.02 percent or higher. If you’re a commercial driver, the legal limit is 0.04 percent. Another Maryland DUI law your attorney at law can explain to you is the implied consent law. Implied consent means that you are presumed to have already agreed to take a chemical test for driving on Maryland roadways. Refusal to do so can result in administrative penalties.

    DUI Arrest

    DUI attorney Baltimore

    If a law enforcement officer suspects you of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you’ll be asked to perform a series of sobriety tests. These might include standing on one leg, walking in a straight line, and answering basic questions. If you fail the sobriety tests, you can expect to be arrested. The officer can administer a chemical test, such as a Breathalyzer test. At the local jail, you should ask for a DUI attorney in Glen Burnie.

    DUI Penalties

    If you’re convicted of a DUI or DWI offense, you’re facing strict penalties that vary depending on your prior convictions. For each subsequent offense, you’ll face stricter penalties. These penalties include jail time, fines, license suspension, an ignition interlock device, and an alcohol education course.

  • Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

    If you expect to file a permanent disability claim in Baltimore, you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Your personal injury attorney can explain the factors involved in qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) with a permanent disability claim. To be eligible for benefits, you must prove that your injury is severe and disabling, and prevents you from doing your usual work activities. It must also prevent you from adapting to a new type of work. Furthermore, the disability must be expected to last at least one year or to result in death.

    You can hear more about qualifying for SSDI by watching this video. You’ll learn more about the program, including how the amount of your monthly paycheck will be determined and whether your dependent spouse or children could receive benefits.

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  • A Look at Personal Injury Cases

    Personal injury law is designed to protect a victim who has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, failure to act, or intentional wrongdoing. If you suffer an injury, you can file a claim with the help of a personal injury attorney serving Anne Arundel County and seek compensation from the person responsible for your losses.

    Personal injury attorney serving Baltimore

    For a personal injury claim to be successful, liability and damages must be established. In other words, you must prove that the other party was directly responsible for the damages you sustained, and the nature and extent of any damages must also be proven. Most personal injury cases arise from auto accidents caused by negligent drivers. Broken bones, strained muscles, loss of limb, scars, and disfigurement are commonly sustained in car accidents. Serious injuries may result in lost work days and temporary or permanent disability. An accident attorney will negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company so that you receive fair compensation to cover medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

    Maryland limits the amount of time in which you have to file a personal injury claim following an incident, so it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

  • Signs of an Ankle Sprain

    Sprains, strains, and tears make up the leading nature of workplace injuries, and the back, shoulders, knees, and ankles are most frequently affected by these injuries, according to 2012 reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since these types of workplace injuries are so common, it’s important for you to know how to identify them and when you might need the help of a workers’ compensation attorney near Baltimore .

    As this video explains, swelling and discoloration of the ankle are symptoms of a sprain. If the ankle or foot is deformed or out of alignment, the injury is likely a break. Though ankle sprains are generally more painful than actual breaks, the injured person should be able to move his or her foot and put slight pressure on it. Many ankle sprains heal without major treatment, but if you suffered a sprain while on the job, it’s imperative that you go to a doctor for evaluation. You should also report the incident to your employer as soon as possible.

    If you were injured while performing your job duties and your employer is refusing to offer the compensation you deserve, hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to assist with your claim.

  • A Look at Common Car Accident Injuries

    Auto Accident Injury in Baltimore, MD Millions of car accidents occur each year. Even a minor fender bender can lead to serious health issues. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries because of a crash, consider working with an accident attorney in Baltimore. By consulting a car accident law firm , you can explore your legal options for obtaining compensation for your medical bills and related expenses. Your accident attorney has likely represented other clients who have sustained similar injuries, including the following medical conditions.

    Neck Injuries

    Neck injuries are among the most common types of health problems sustained by car accident victims. Whiplash is a type of soft tissue injury that affects the delicate structures of the neck. It often occurs in rear-end collisions, when the head is suddenly forced in one direction, and then the opposite direction. The symptoms of whiplash can include neck stiffness, soreness, and pain, along with reduced range of motion and impaired flexibility. If left untreated, it is possible to suffer from chronic pain due to whiplash. The potential for a chronic medical condition highlights the importance of consulting an accident attorney right away. Other neck injuries may be even more serious, including cervical radiculopathy.

    Back Injuries

    Many people consult an accident attorney in Burnie because of back injuries sustained in a car wreck. Back injuries may involve soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains that cause pain and hamper mobility. Or, a back condition might involve damage to the intervertebral discs, which may sometimes require surgery. Other common types of back injuries include fractures of the vertebrae and lumbar radiculopathy. Very serious back injuries that affect the nerves of the spinal cord can lead to permanent paralysis.

    Psychological Injuries

    One type of frequently overlooked medical issue stemming from car accidents involves mental health. Your accident attorney may demand compensation for your psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotional distress, and anxiety related to your injuries. If a loved one died as a result of a car accident, you could also demand compensation for this loss.

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  • Could You Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

    Social Security Disability Baltimore The Social Security Administration (SSA) has enacted strict requirements for those who are applying for disability benefits. First, you must have worked at one or more jobs that were covered by Social Security. You must also have a qualifying medical condition that is considered a disability. Other factors may play a role, such as your education and your age. To make sure your claim is filed properly the first time, consult an attorney at law in Baltimore. Your personal injury attorney will help you determine whether to file a temporary or permanent disability claim .

    When filing your claim, your personal injury attorney will demonstrate that you are no longer able to do the work you previously did because of your disability. Other qualifying criteria include the duration of your disability; you may qualify if your condition is expected to persist for at least a year or to be fatal. In addition, the SSA will consider whether you are able to take on different work responsibilities or occupational roles.

  • Been in an Accident? Look for These Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

    Accident Attorney Baltimore A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious medical condition that is often inflicted on victims of car accidents. Minor head injuries may involve temporary, albeit disruptive symptoms, while severe TBIs can cause complications that last a lifetime. Medical bills can quickly pile up for car crash victims, which is why it’s so important to contact an accident attorney right away. An accident attorney in Baltimore can investigate your case to determine if you could be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit and demand compensation for your injuries.

    Physical Symptoms

    It’s important to tell your accident lawyer about all of the symptoms you experience. Since some of the symptoms may not arise immediately, stay in close contact with the personal injury law firm. If you have suffered a minor TBI, you may experience physical symptoms such as brief loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, and headache. In the following days, you might notice that you’re having trouble sleeping, that you’re unusually fatigued, or that you’re experiencing dizziness. A moderate to severe TBI can result in physical symptoms such as seizures, loss of consciousness, headache, weakness or numbness of the digits, and loss of coordination. You might also have clear fluid that drains from the ears or nose.

    Cognitive and Sensory Symptoms

    A TBI often results in cognitive challenges , which may require intensive therapy. Your accident attorney in Burnie can help you demand compensation for these medical expenses. For a mild TBI, these cognitive symptoms might include memory problems, mood swings, and depression. Those who suffer a severe TBI can experience slurred speech, aggressive or violent behavior, and severe confusion.

    Childhood Symptoms

    A traumatic brain injury may sometimes be difficult to detect in infants and young children because they are often incapable of informing caregivers of their symptoms. If your infant or young child was involved in the car crash, be alert to symptoms such as persistent crying, unusual irritability, and withdrawal from favorite toys. Children may also have changes in sleeping patterns and eating habits.