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On Friday I was scheduled to work from 12 noon until 8 pm but decided that I would just not go in after the hearing. Driving home, I stopped to get some water and took a minute to digest what we just went through. I realized the anxiety and angst I was feeling prior to the hearing was just exhausting and that it had taken a toll on me. during the hearing, I had no idea just how emotional I ended up being when asked about the effect this has had on me. I appreciate that you and the Judge allowed me to regain my composure and answer as best as I could.

From my initial experience of this type, I came away with a feeling that we delivered our case and particular points quite well. I appreciate that you were so prepared and confident in presenting your opening statement which was question number one to me. You handled yourself in a professional manner and were so complete that the opposing Hartford attorney had virtually no questions or objections.

What I am trying to say here is that I truly appreciate you and your representation of my case regardless of what is handed down as the final decision of disability in the coming days. Know that if anyone I know needs this type of representation I will gladly recommend you.

October 2020

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