Auto Accidents FAQ

Your Questions About Car Accidents and Settlements Answered by Our Maryland Legal Team

Have you recently been in a car accident and know you deserve a fair settlement, but don’t know how to get it? This is the page for you. Below, our legal team has put together a list of frequently asked auto accident questions with answers to help drivers get started earning settlements for their accidents. Read on for our Auto Accidents FAQ, and contact Jack Schmerling and our legal team at (443) 805-6280 for comprehensive legal counsel and representation today!

What do I do if I was just involved in an auto accident?

There are several steps every driver should take immediately following an accident. If you have been involved in the accident, it is important to assess whether anyone in your vehicle needs medical attention. Then, call 911 to notify the police and other first responders. If it is safe to do so, collect information (driver’s license numbers, insurance policies, and general contact information) from other drivers involved in the accident. When law enforcement arrives, report your accident and seek medical attention. Before you talk to the offender’s insurance company, it is a good idea to hire an attorney to represent you and walk you through this process.

Why hire an attorney for my auto accident?

Most auto accidents saddle drivers with unwanted costs — both in the form of auto expenses and medical bills. Unfortunately, when multiple drivers are involved in the accident, the issue of who pays these bills can become difficult and tense rather quickly. Many accidents require drivers to communicate with other drivers’ insurance providers to file a claim. (You can learn more about this below.) Others still involve disputes between drivers themselves, often resulting in court dates. In both cases, having an attorney on your side to navigate legal issues and insurance complications can greatly aid in protecting your interests and earning you the settlement you deserve.

What is a claim?

A claim is something you file to the offender’s insurance company so you can start a negotiation of your settlement. You may demand a named compensation amount on your initial filing. You can then counteroffer with the insurance company until you both agree on a settlement somewhere in the middle. When claims are disputed by insurance providers, it is helpful to hire an attorney to help you negotiate and receive fair and full compensation.

What if I have been injured in an auto accident and can’t go back to work?

Whether you are permanently injured or just temporarily injured, you are entitled to workers’ compensation and social security disability benefits. Speak with a lawyer today to be represented and obtain what you deserve.

If I’m unsure about whether I should file a lawsuit or just let the insurance company handle my accident, is there any way to get a free legal evaluation?

If you are unsure about any part of your auto accident, it is always best to work with a legal professional. Here at the office of Jack Schmerling, Attorney at Law, our legal team proudly offers complimentary legal consultations for drivers involved in auto accidents in Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding region. We’ll advise on the best course of action for your auto accident, and offer our services going forward to help you earn the settlement you deserve.

Have your auto accident questions answered and receive free legal advice by contacting our Baltimore, Maryland firm at (443) 354-4107 to schedule your free consultation.

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