Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Disability and Claims in Glen Burnie

Workers’ compensation can be detailed and hard to understand. You have the right to understand and know what you are entitled to. As your Glen Burnie lawyer, I have provided the following frequently asked questions for your convenience.

What is a temporary disability?
If you have been injured and are in the recovery phase, you are still able to receive compensation for the inability to perform to your full capacity. The employer or insurance must pay you up to 50% of the difference of the State average weekly wage. Even if you are totally temporarily disabled, you are still entitled to gain two-thirds of the average weekly wage.

What if I suffer from a permanent disability?
You are still allowed an annual cost of living not to exceed 5%. This 5% also depends on if you qualify for Federal Social Security Disability Benefits.

What are medical/hospitalization benefits?
These benefits provide compensation for health expenses. Such benefits continue if there is evidence of a necessary need for further assistance.

What if I sent in my claim and I was denied?
Contact an attorney immediately and they can help send in another claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

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