Could You Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

Social security disability legal help in Baltimore

Social Security Disability Baltimore The Social Security Administration (SSA) has enacted strict requirements for those who are applying for disability benefits. First, you must have worked at one or more jobs that were covered by Social Security. You must also have a qualifying medical condition that is considered a disability. Other factors may play a role, such as your education and your age. To make sure your claim is filed properly the first time, consult an attorney at law in Baltimore. Your personal injury attorney will help you determine whether to file a temporary or permanent disability claim .

When filing your claim, your personal injury attorney will demonstrate that you are no longer able to do the work you previously did because of your disability. Other qualifying criteria include the duration of your disability; you may qualify if your condition is expected to persist for at least a year or to be fatal. In addition, the SSA will consider whether you are able to take on different work responsibilities or occupational roles.