Auto Accidents 101: What Is a Claim?

Auto Accident Lawyers in Baltimore, MD

After being involved in a car accident in Baltimore , your health should be your priority. You can hire an injury lawyer to handle your case, which allows you to focus on your recovery. After reviewing your case, your injury lawyer will file a claim with the insurance carrier. This is not the same as a car accident lawsuit, although it may sometimes become necessary to file a lawsuit later. A claim is filed with the other driver’s auto insurance company. This begins the process of obtaining a settlement, which is money that compensates you for your medical bills, property damage, and other accident-related expenses.

Your injury lawyer will calculate your total monetary losses and may include this figure in the claim. The insurance carrier may then respond with a counteroffer. Your injury lawyer will continue to negotiate with the company until both parties agree to a settlement. If a fair settlement is not forthcoming or you do not agree with the amount the insurance company offers you, then you might consider filing a lawsuit.

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