How to Avoid a Rear End Collision

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Injuries caused by rear end collisions can lead to significant medical bills, both for the driver at fault and the individual whose car was struck. Although a car accident attorney located in Anne Arundel can help you obtain compensation for these losses, it’s definitely a good idea to reduce your risk of a collision altogether. If you’re being followed too closely, an attorney at law would likely recommend changing lanes, if possible, or pulling over to allow the aggressive driver to pass.

For more tips on rear end collisions, watch this video or consult a car accident attorney. This video explains a study that demonstrates that drivers tend to ignore how closely they are following the vehicles in front of them. They also tend to follow at the same distance regardless of speed. However, it’s critical to leave at least one car length of space for every 10 miles per hour. If you’re involved in a rear end collision despite using these safety tips, contact a car accident attorney for help.