How Do Air Bags Work?

Do airbags work? Accident Lawyer in Baltimore

If you become involved in a car accident in Baltimore, the presence of air bags in your car can help save your life and prevent serious injuries . Today, some late model vehicles prevent car accident injuries by housing air bags not only in front of the driver, but also behind the glovebox door, roof, front center area, and side of the car. These air bags of varying sizes serve to cushion the impact of a crash.

When you watch this video, you’ll hear a little about the evolution of air bags and exactly how they work to prevent car accident injuries. This expert explains that air bags rely on solid fuel, which is ignited when the car’s crash sensors detect a sudden deceleration. The ignition of the fuel triggers gases to inflate the air bags in about 35 milliseconds. Unfortunately, as smart as air bags are these days, they can’t prevent all injuries from a crash. An injury attorney can help you deal with the aftermath of an accident.