• What Happens After You File for Workers’ Compensation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be as stressful as the injury itself. Although some claims are straightforward, it is always helpful to have a workers’ compensation lawyer at your side to ensure your rights are being protected. When you file a claim, the first step is getting documentation of your injury from a doctor. Only a medical professional can determine if your injury will prevent you from working. Although most employers in Maryland are required to have workers’ comp insurance, your boss may decide to dispute your claim. If this occurs, you will need a workers’ compensation attorney to fight on your behalf. Find out more about workers’ compensation cases in this info-graphic from Jack Schmerling, Attorney at Law . Our workers comp lawyer in Baltimore will help you win the compensation that you deserve. Please help other workers understand the importance of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney when they are injured on the job by sharing this information.