Conditions That May Qualify for Social Security Disability Payments

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Qualifying for Social Security disability in Baltimore

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits is notoriously challenging. Many individuals are denied benefits the first time they apply, especially if they do so without the help of an attorney at law in Baltimore. To improve your chances of receiving disability payments, contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney at law will determine whether your health condition may qualify. For the purpose of receiving disability benefits, disabling health conditions are defined as those that prohibit you from performing previous work and from adjusting to new types of work. Additionally, the condition must be expected to either result in death or last at least one year.

Your personal injury attorney may determine that you could have a qualifying condition if you are blind or have low division, are a cancer patient, have suffered an amputation, or have lost the use of a major body part. You could also qualify if you are a wounded warrior, a widow or widower, or if you have a disabled child. Talk to your accident lawyer to find out if you could be eligible to receive disability payments.