Temporary and Permanent Disability Benefits in Maryland

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Individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of their employment may file a temporary or permanent disability claim in Baltimore. If you think you could be entitled to receive benefits, it’s in your best interests to contact a workers’ compensation attorney. A workers’ compensation attorney can advise you of your legal rights and evaluate your eligibility for a temporary or permanent disability claim.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

If you are found to be temporarily and partially disabled, it means that you may still perform limited work duties while you recover and that you are expected to return to your full capacity upon recovery. Generally, you can expect to receive 50 percent of the difference between your normal wages and your current wages while disabled. As your workers’ comp attorney can explain to you, your medical expenses arising directly from the on-the-job incident are fully covered.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Temporary total disability applies to individuals who are not able to work at all on a temporary basis. If your healing period is 14 days or less, then you cannot expect to receive a portion of your wages for the first three days of your recovery. Your medical expenses are still fully covered. Your temporary total disability benefits may be terminated if a medical professional is of the opinion that you have reached a maximum level of recovery, even if that level is not the same as your pre-injury capacity.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

If you are determined to be permanently partially disabled, you may receive payments of no less than $50 per week, provided your average weekly wages were not previously less than $50. The length of time you can receive these payments will vary, depending on your injury. For instance, you will receive payments for 100 weeks if your thumb was amputated or you lost all function in a thumb.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Permanent total disabilities include the loss or the loss of use of at least two of the following: eyes, feet, legs, hands, or arms. For example, you may have lost both legs or you may have lost one leg and one arm. Payments for these disabilities equal two-thirds of the previous average weekly wage, subject to minimum and maximum limits.