Defining Drugged Driving

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The dangers of drunk driving are well known, but accidents are also caused by drivers impaired by drugs. The operation of a vehicle in a negligent or reckless manner while under the influence of drugs is a crime in Maryland. If you’ve been charged with a drugged driving DUI, it’s essential to contact a DUI attorney in Baltimore promptly. Visiting a DUI law firm to hire a DUI attorney offers your best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome for your case.

To learn more about drugged driving, consult your DUI attorney and watch this brief video. It explains that about 10 to 20 percent of drivers who cause auto accidents are impaired by drugs at the time of the crash. It also discusses the most common drugs that impair drivers. Although the safety of everyone on the roadways is paramount, individuals charged with drugged driving do have the right to arrange legal representation from a DUI lawyer.