Can You Seek Compensation for Scars Caused in an Auto Accident?

Car accident injuries range considerably in severity and type, but many of them have the potential to cause long-lasting or permanent disfiguration. If your doctor expects you to have permanent scars from your car accident injuries, be sure to inform your injury lawyer of this development. When filing an accident injury lawsuit in Baltimore, your lawyer may seek compensation for your permanent disfigurement.

After you recover, you might consult a cosmetic surgeon to discuss procedures that can help minimize your scarring. It’s important to keep track of all of your expenses pertaining to the disfigurement, including surgeon consultation fees and operating costs. Your lawyer may be able to recover compensation to cover these costs for you. Permanent disfigurement can also be a factor in seeking damages for psychological injuries. You might consider visiting a mental health counselor or psychologist. During a trial, these types of expert witnesses might testify regarding your psychological injuries that have resulted from your permanent disfigurement.

Scars Compensation in Glen Burnie, MD