• Are You Wearing Your Seatbelt the Right Way?

    A personal injury attorney serving Baltimore regularly helps victims of serious auto accidents . As a personal injury attorney tells these clients, one of the best ways to avoid being hurt in a car accident is to simply wear your seatbelt the right way every time you step into your car.

    As any personal injury attorney knows, seatbelts save lives. To protect yourself, first sit in the seat with your feet flat on the floor. Next, pull the harness across your body. If the seatbelt is too short, consider investing in an aftermarket seatbelt extender. The best way to avoid being hurt—and save yourself a visit to a personal injury law firm—is to protect yourself from the moment you get in your vehicle.

  • Advice for Staying Safe on the Job

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    If you or someone you love has been hurt on the job, it is important to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney near Baltimore right away. A workers’ compensation attorney can ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve for the harm you have suffered. Of course, the best way to avoid personal injury at work is to protect yourself as much as you can. Read on for some helpful tips that can help you learn how to stay safe while you are at work.

    Use Safety Equipment

    Equipment is crucial to workplace safety, so make sure to wear personal protective equipment when it is provided. Protective equipment may include goggles and face protection and gloves to prevent burns, chemical absorption, or temperature extremes. For physical laborers, hard hats should be worn to safeguard against falling objects. Remember, a workers’ comp attorney can only help if you follow all of your employer’s instructions.

    Avoid Needless Repetition

    Some jobs, including agricultural labor, make it almost impossible to avoid repetitive physical tasks. Unfortunately, repetition can lead to a temporary disability claim or even a permanent disability claim due to back, neck, or shoulder injury. Whenever possible, try to alternate tasks. If you work at a desk, get up from your workstation frequently to avoid even sitting in the same position for too long. If your work involves physical labor, try to alternate which arm you use to support or lift a heavy weight, and never bend down to pick up heavy objects.

    Take Short Breaks

    Whenever possible, take short breaks to avoid injury. Microbreaks that allow you to pause frequently are often more effective than taking a fifteen minute break every couple of hours. Short breaks should involve walking and stretching. Back and neck issues are some of the most common workplace injuries. By giving your muscles time off, you can effectively relieve stress on the neck, back, and shoulders.

  • Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Safe Driving

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    Car accident lawyers in Baltimore regularly counsel clients who have suffered serious personal injuries in completely avoidable car accidents. As these accident attorneys urge clients and loved ones alike, it is never too soon to start safe driving practices. Of course, car accidents can also incur thousands in property damage and cause insurance costs to skyrocket. Whether your teen is just starting driving lessons or has recently earned a license, review these pointers to help your son or daughter avoid a serious car accident that will lead to the need to work with a car accident law firm.

    Show Statistics

    Most teenagers don’t realize how expensive and dangerous car accidents are until they happen. First, make sure your teens understand what kind of car insurance you carry and know the financial repercussions of a car accident. Next, make sure your son or daughter realizes that teenage car accidents are the number one cause of teen deaths. In fact, a 16 to 19 year old is more likely to get in a serious car accident than a driver of any other age, including the elderly. By showing your kids the statistics, they will understand the importance of safe driving practices.

    Explain Penalties

    Whether your teen drives recklessly, has recently damaged their own or another vehicle, or always obeys the speed limit, it is important to both explain and enforce penalties. Any new driver should know that dangerous driving carries consequences. For example, many parents reduce or entirely take away driving privileges from teens who speed or drive with too many friends in the car. You may also want to consider mandating that your son or daughter pay for their own speeding tickets, vehicle repairs, and any insurance increases. Be sure to pick moderate punishments and enforce them gradually so your teen does not simply rebel against your rules.

    Discuss Often

    Chatting with your son or daughter about the consequences of unsafe driving is a recurring conversation. If you only talk to your teen after your insurance costs increase, he or she may not understand that car accidents also carry serious personal injury consequences. Speak to your teenager regularly, talk to accident attorneys, and try to get on the road with them as often as possible. You may help save a life.

  • What Types of Claims Can You File After a Workplace Injury?

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    If you have been injured at your workplace, your first step should always be to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney near Baltimore . Workers’ compensation attorneys who have experience with state workers’ comp laws are best equipped to help you understand your legal rights and make sure you are properly compensated for your injury. Employees who suffer personal injuries are entitled to be paid for medical expenses, time missed from work, loss of future wages, and pain and suffering. Depending on your injury, you may qualify for different benefits. For example, temporary disability means you will be able to work, but not at your full capacity. You may also completely recover from your injuries but be temporarily unable to work. Permanent disability means you are unable to work again and will be allotted compensation for your living expenses. Your workers’ compensation attorney will help you determine the kinds of benefits you qualify for and will fight to ensure you get the money you deserve. Get started by finding a reliable attorney at law!