Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Safe Driving

Talking with Teens About Safe Driving

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Car accident lawyers in Baltimore regularly counsel clients who have suffered serious personal injuries in completely avoidable car accidents. As these accident attorneys urge clients and loved ones alike, it is never too soon to start safe driving practices. Of course, car accidents can also incur thousands in property damage and cause insurance costs to skyrocket. Whether your teen is just starting driving lessons or has recently earned a license, review these pointers to help your son or daughter avoid a serious car accident that will lead to the need to work with a car accident law firm.

Show Statistics

Most teenagers don’t realize how expensive and dangerous car accidents are until they happen. First, make sure your teens understand what kind of car insurance you carry and know the financial repercussions of a car accident. Next, make sure your son or daughter realizes that teenage car accidents are the number one cause of teen deaths. In fact, a 16 to 19 year old is more likely to get in a serious car accident than a driver of any other age, including the elderly. By showing your kids the statistics, they will understand the importance of safe driving practices.

Explain Penalties

Whether your teen drives recklessly, has recently damaged their own or another vehicle, or always obeys the speed limit, it is important to both explain and enforce penalties. Any new driver should know that dangerous driving carries consequences. For example, many parents reduce or entirely take away driving privileges from teens who speed or drive with too many friends in the car. You may also want to consider mandating that your son or daughter pay for their own speeding tickets, vehicle repairs, and any insurance increases. Be sure to pick moderate punishments and enforce them gradually so your teen does not simply rebel against your rules.

Discuss Often

Chatting with your son or daughter about the consequences of unsafe driving is a recurring conversation. If you only talk to your teen after your insurance costs increase, he or she may not understand that car accidents also carry serious personal injury consequences. Speak to your teenager regularly, talk to accident attorneys, and try to get on the road with them as often as possible. You may help save a life.