Spotlight on Occupational Diseases

Workers’ compensation cases in Baltimore, MD

Workers’ compensation cases aren’t always about injuries. Illnesses that occurred in the workplace may also be covered. If you believe you are the victim of an occupational disease, then contact an attorney to see if you should file a workers’ compensation lawsuit in Baltimore .

An occupational disease is a chronic condition that was caused by activities done at work. Some of the diseases that could be occupational in nature include cancer, respiratory issues, hearing loss, and skin diseases. In some instances, depression and anxiety can also fall into this category. If you have such an illness, an attorney can help you determine if your employer could be held responsible and if you should file a workers’ compensation claim. The amount of money to which are entitled depends on a number of different factors, including how your illness impacts your ability to do your job now and in the future and the cost of your medical bills. Your attorney can guide you through the process as well as any necessary workers’ comp appeals that follow your initial claim.

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