What Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Worker's Compensation Claims in Baltimore, MD

Have you been told that your injury might not qualify for workers’ compensation ? If so, it’s time to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Baltimore. Your attorney can review your case to determine if you are eligible to file a workers’ comp claim. First, your workers’ compensation lawyer will check your type of employment. If you are an actual employee, rather than an independent contractor, then you should be covered under your employer’s insurance carrier.

Next, your lawyer will consider whether your injury or illness arose out of the course of your employment. It isn’t always necessary for an injury to occur at the worksite. For instance, if John drives a delivery truck and is responsible for unloading heavy crates at the destination, then a back injury from lifting those crates did indeed arise out of the course of his employment and so it would be covered under workers’ compensation. Another requirement of workers’ comp is that qualifying injuries cannot have been intentionally caused by the claimant. For example, if John intentionally drives the delivery truck into a utility pole for the purpose of filing for workers’ comp, his injuries would not be covered.

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