• Raising Awareness About Repetitive Motion Injuries at Work

    Most people think of acute injuries, such as those caused by a fall, when they think of workers’ compensation cases. However, repetitive motion injuries can slowly cause debilitating pain and disability that could cause you to need a workers’ compensation attorney in Baltimore . This video explains more.

    Repetitive motion injuries can be caused by repeated overexertion or repeating the same motions without adequate rest. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you file a claim if you are left unable to work because of a repetitive motion problem, as well as a temporary or permanent disability claim, as necessary. As with any workplace injury, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

  • Coping with Facial Injuries After a Car Crash

    A lot of attention gets paid to common car accident injuries like whiplash and back pain, but facial injuries are also extremely common and may cause longer-term problems. A facial injury suffered in a car accident can be permanently disfiguring and cause vast changes in the well-being of the victim. Whenever you are injured in a car crash, contact an accident attorney in Baltimore for help. You could be entitled to compensation for your medical costs and the pain and suffering caused by a facial injury. Here is what you need to know.

    Facial Injuries after an accident in Glen Burnie, MD

    Common Facial Injuries

    A number of different types of facial injuries are common during car accidents. These include bone fractures, burns, eye injuries, and soft tissue injuries, including lacerations. They can occur in any kind of accident and usually happen as the result of shattered glass and other flying debris, contact with a hard surface in the card, or contact with an ejected airbag. Facial injuries may also occur if you are thrown from the vehicle during the impact. These injuries are frequently very complex and require extensive treatment to heal.

    Compensation for Facial Injuries

    The type of compensation you can receive for facial injuries depends very much on the type of injury you experienced. Generally, you may be eligible to have all of your medical costs covered, including your initial treatment and subsequent surgeries or other treatments you will need in the future. If treatment prevents you from working, you may be able to receive damages for your lost wages. If you experienced significant pain from your injury, or if you have been permanently disfigured, your accident attorney may pursue punitive damages as compensation for the physical and emotional anguish you have experienced.

    Filing a Claim

    Contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash to explore your options for a case. Your lawyer will consider the details of your accident and determine which type of compensation to pursue. Before and after you file a claim, avoid talking to any insurance companies or discussing the accident, which could compromise your case.

  • Using a DUI Charge in Your Car Accident Case

    With countless drunk drivers on the nation’s roadways each day, there’s a possibility that when you’re involved in a car accident, the other driver may have been intoxicated. While this isn’t ideal for public safety, it is good news for your car accident case. Your accident attorney can use the DUI charge as leverage when negotiating with the insurance company. If your attorney at law files a lawsuit on your behalf, the civil complaint proceeds entirely separately from the criminal case. However, the accident attorney litigating your case in Baltimore can point to the DUI charge or conviction as evidence of liability for your losses.

    Car Accident Cases in Baltimore, MD

    Watching Out for Signs of Intoxication

    Your accident attorney will handle much of your case for you, but he or she can’t be present at the scene immediately after the crash. It may be up to you to notify police officers of suspicious behavior. After the crash, look over at the other car to check whether the occupants may be switching seats. This could indicate that the drunk driver is trying to escape liability by pretending that someone else drove the car at the time of the crash. Observe whether the other driver tries to hide or dispose of potential evidence such as alcoholic beverages or drug paraphernalia. You may also observe the other driver administering eye drops in an attempt to camouflage bloodshot eyes. When you approach the other driver to exchange contact information, take some deep breaths to check for the odor of alcohol or marijuana. If you observe any of these possible signs of driving while under the influence, inform the police officers promptly.

    Securing Evidence for Your Case

    Drunk driving is a criminal offense. Do not try to collect physical evidence such as beer bottles, but do point these problems out to the police officers. There are other types of evidence you can collect that won’t interfere with a police investigation. For instance, you can take photographs of the crash site and you can obtain a copy of the police report. Your auto accident lawyer will need a copy of the report, which should indicate whether the other driver committed traffic violations or was arrested for DUI.


  • What Do Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits Provide?

    If you sustain an injury while on the job, there’s no need to delay medical care because you’re concerned about sky-high hospital bills. If you’re an employee, rather than an independent contractor, you may be covered by workers’ compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney at a personal injury law firm can help Baltimore residents understand their benefits. Workers’ compensation will cover the full cost of medical bills related to the injury or illness. This includes diagnostics, in-hospital treatments, and medications.

    Your workers’ compensation attorney can also help you recover a portion of your lost wages with a temporary disability claim if you are unable to work because of your injuries. In most cases, workers’ compensation carriers will pay about two-thirds of your average salary to compensate you for missed time at work. In some cases, injured workers may even receive rehabilitation and job retraining benefits. For instance, your injury may prevent you from performing your former job, but you may still be retrained to perform a different type of work.


    Workers Compensation Benefits in Glen Burnie, MD