Don’t Let These Workers’ Compensation Myths Interfere with Your Rights

Myths about Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides invaluable protection for employees, but it isn’t generally well-understood. It’s often confusing for injured workers to navigate the claims process and determine if they’re being treated fairly or not. This is why it’s advisable for Baltimore-area workers to contact a workers’ compensation law firm. During a consultation, a workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers find out the truth about the claims process.


Myth: Part-Time Employees Aren’t Covered

Part-time employees typically miss out on work-related benefits such as retirement plans and health insurance, but they are covered under workers’ compensation. However, as your workers’ comp attorney can advise you, independent contractors and freelancers are not covered.

Myth: Workers’ Compensation Only Covers Medical Bills

Your workers’ compensation attorney can help you with the claim for your medical coverage. The insurance carrier must pay for diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, and medical treatments, provided they arise directly from your on-the-job injury. However, workers’ comp also covers other losses. It will not pay the full amount of any lost wages you incurred during your recovery, but you should be eligible to obtain a portion of them. Income replacement benefits are available to workers who miss more than three days of work. If you miss more than 14 days of work, you can receive payment for the first three days of work in addition to the subsequent work days.

Myth: The Insurer’s Decision is Final

In some cases, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may deny a claim. Claims may be denied if an injury is suspected of being caused intentionally or if it is thought that the injury did not arise out of the course of employment. Receiving notice of a denied claim does not automatically mean that you are liable for the medical costs, however. You have the right to hire a workers’ compensation attorney to file an appeal and represent you at the hearing.

Myth: Workers’ Compensation Only Offers Temporary Benefits

Workers’ comp does offer temporary disability benefits, but in the case of a catastrophic injury, long-term benefits may be available . Generally, you will be asked to undergo a medical evaluation to establish the nature and extent of your disability.