Getting Compensation for Hospitalization After a Workplace Injury

Jack J Schmerling, Attorney accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD

If you have sustained a workplace injury, it’s in your best interests to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer located in Baltimore. Legal guidance is especially important if your injury is severe enough to require hospitalization. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you by filing a temporary or permanent disability claim on your behalf. You can prepare for your consultation with the workers’ compensation attorney by gathering together copies of your medical records, the incident report, and your medical bills. You should save all documents pertaining to your diagnostic tests, medications, lab fees, surgery, other medical treatments, and hospitalization.

When your workers’ compensation lawyer files the claim on your behalf, he or she will argue that your injury was a direct result of occupational activities. This is essential for your injury and hospitalization to be covered under workers’ compensation. In the event that your initial claim for compensation is denied, your workers’ compensation attorney can file an appeal on your behalf.