A Look at the Most Common Dangers in the Workplace

Employers are responsible for following OSHA guidelines to maintain a safe work environment. Even in a generally safe work environment, however, accidents can sometimes occur. If you sustain injuries at your job in Baltimore, a workers’ compensation attorney can help protect your legal rights. An accident attorney can ensure that you follow the necessary protocols to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In the event that your initial claim is denied, a workers’ compensation attorney can file an appeal on your behalf.

Common Workplace Dangers in Glen Burnie, MD









Repetitive Use Injuries

Many jobs require repetitive movements, such as bending and lifting, twisting and turning, and reaching and grabbing. Whether you work in a cubicle or on an assembly line, you could be at risk of repetitive use injuries. These can include carpal tunnel syndrome, back muscle strain, disc herniation, and tenosynovitis. While repetitive use injuries may not always be visible to the naked eye, they can be just as debilitating as a serious acute injury. Repetitive use injuries may lead to missed time at work and reduced quality of life. With the help of an attorney at law, you can obtain the benefits you need to rehab your injury.

Machinery Injuries

If your job requires you to use heavy machinery, your employer should have trained you to use this machinery safely. Your employer should also provide the necessary safety equipment, which may include safety goggles or face shields. Despite taking these precautions, workers may still suffer from serious injuries from machinery malfunctions or other problems. These types of injuries can range from minor lacerations to accidental amputations. Talk to your attorney if you think you may need to file a permanent disability claim in the wake of a serious injury.


Falls are another danger common to many workplaces . Falls may occur in cluttered hallways or aisles while carrying heavy objects, or while navigating a ladder or scaffolding. They can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), bone fractures, internal trauma, and many other serious medical problems. After sustaining serious injuries in a fall, you may be out of work for quite a while.