Injuries to Look For After a Car Accident

Jack J Schmerling, Attorney accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD

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If you’re involved in a car accident, you can sustain a number of different injuries to virtually any part of your body. The circumstances of your auto accident and the severity of impact will determine what kind of auto accident injuries you develop. However, your accident attorney in Baltimore tends to see certain injuries following an auto accident more than others. Common car accident injuries include:

Brain and head injuries

Ranging from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries are some of the most common injuries a driver or passenger may sustain in a car accident. Even if there are no physical signs of trauma, such as cuts or bruises, the impact of a car crash can cause internal bruising to someone’s brain. These kinds of injuries can be incredibly serious, so it’s important for anyone who develops head injuries to consult with an accident attorney immediately.

Back injuries

When a driver or passenger is involved in a car accident, the resulting torque on the body can lead to back injuries like sprain, strain, and fracture. Someone involved in a car accident may also develop disc injury or thoracic spine injury. Similar to neck injuries, it may take time for someone to recognize symptoms of back injuries. However, as soon as an accident victim does notice pain and discomfort, he or she should consult with a personal injury attorney to seek compensation.

Psychological injuries

A car accident lawyer helps victims seek compensation for both physical as well as resulting psychological injuries. Both drivers and passengers may develop psychological injuries, such as emotional distress, following a car accident. In some cases, a person involved in a crash will develop psychological conditions that closely resemble posttraumatic stress disorder. If this happens, the accident victim may have severe anxiety about driving or being a passenger in a car again. Treatment of PTSD following a car accident may require therapy, medication, and confrontation of the situations the sufferer is avoiding.