Why You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident

Reducing Chances of Car Accidents in Baltimore

personal injury attorney

Auto insurance is supposed to protect drivers from unexpected losses in the event of a crash. Unfortunately, insurance representatives frequently offer settlements that are far less than what drivers deserve, since it’s in the best interests of the insurance company to increase profits. This is one major reason why it’s highly advisable to contact an accident attorney in Baltimore shortly after the collision. With a skilled personal injury attorney serving as your advocate and acting as negotiator, you can almost certainly obtain a much higher settlement offer from the insurance company.

Another benefit of working with a personal injury attorney is a reduced chance of settling too early. Your total losses may not be apparent for a while after the crash. Your neck pain may become a chronic injury that requires therapy, for example, and you may need to miss more time than expected at work to recover. An attorney at law will ensure that you receive sufficient compensation to cover your losses. Additionally, in the event that a fair settlement is not forthcoming, your Baltimore personal injury attorney may litigate your case in court.