Auto Accidents FAQ

Car Accidents and Settlements

Have you recently been in a car accident and know you deserve something, but don't know what? You need to be informed of what steps to take along the way so you can receive your rightful settlement. As your Glen Burnie lawyer, I can assist you to ensure your rights are protected

What do I do if I was just involved in an auto accident?
You need to notify the police by dialing 911. Report your accident and seek medical attention. Before you talk to the offender's insurance company, hire an attorney to represent you and walk you through this process.

What is a claim?
A claim is something you file to the offender's insurance company so you can start a negotiation of your settlement. You may demand a named compensation amount on your initial filing. You can then counter offer with the insurance company until you both agree on a settlement somewhere in the middle.

What if I have been injured in an auto accident and can't go back to work?
Whether you are permanently injured or just temporarily injured, you are entitled to workers' compensation and social security disability benefits. Speak with a lawyer today to be represented and obtain what you deserve.

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